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[learn_more caption=”Read More”]Commercial Door and Access, Inc. provides impact traffic doors, flexible doors, security pass-through, fire and service, bullet-proof, cold storage, pharmaceutical, dock seals or shelters, plus door operators, and other related security products. Our broad range of accessories provide locking and control mechanisms to meet a wide variety of applications. Clients include industrial, restaurant, retail store, supermarket, factory, and Property Management companies who handle large projects for commercial retail businesses including shopping malls.[/learn_more]

Commercial Door Service, Repair, Installation, and Sales

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Depend on Commercial Door and Access, Inc. for the most demanding challenges for secure ingress and egress access to your commercial property. Our hollow metal steel doors may be custom made if a standard product just doesn’t fit, and our professional service and installation technicians assure quality you can trust. If you need repairs, we handle everything for commercial store fronts except broken glass. Appropriate door hardware options are selected for your specific application.[/learn_more]

Hollow Metal, Overly Security, and Fiberglass Doors

[learn_more caption=”Read More”]Daybar hollow metal doors and frames are a Galvanneal steel door product with high standards of manufacturing. Daybar also makes aG90 hot dipped galvanized door and frames that are a economical door for coastal and wet environments. Record Automatic doors are excellent for customer friendly automated door systems.

Overly security doors include blast doors, bullet proof doors, acoustical doors (sound proof) and vault doors. Overly specializes in these unique applications and they also own Tiger doors.

Tiger fiberglass doors (commercial corrosion resistant doors and frames) are used in highly corrosive environments and are accepted by the Florida Building Codes for high impact hurricane zones, which means they are an excellent choice for coastal apartment and hotel applications. Please contact us for a quote and samples of this product, as well as the others listed.[/learn_more]

Commercial Door Product Selection and Custom Work

[learn_more caption=”Read More”]Product selection is based on your type of business, the door location, traffic volume, plus frequency, direction and aesthetics. Contact us today for sales, installation, or service of any door from simple low-security to your most demanding high impact maximum-security needs.[/learn_more]

Custom work is our specialty, so new and replacement solutions are available. Call us Toll Free 1-888-411-2424
Thank you for considering Commercial Door and Access, Inc. for standard or custom commercial doors including service, repair, installation, and sales for your Florida business.