PTI Self-Storage Access Control and Security Solutions

[one_half]Commercial Door & Access is now carrying state of the art products from PTI Security. The equipment fits the mission of CDA by making customer property much safer and more secure in an unsettled world environment. Individuals and business representatives in and around Melbourne Florida know more about the importance of a security system than ever in order to protect their assets. Self storage units are a prime example of the change in and awareness of what’s required to protect an area, such as access control.[/one_half] [one_half_last][/one_half_last]ptisecurity [learn_more caption=”Read More”]What does it take to convince a customer that belongings are safe? Start with an outside computerized gate that only allows access when the proper code is keyed into its electronic keypad. Security lights, including motion detectors, deter unwelcome visitors. Easy access to the storage facility protects the customer. Each renter should be provided an individual code for entry. That enables management to track who is entering the facility and when it is done. Access control standards minimize the number of people sharing a code on a single business or customer account. Less traffic reduces the chance of an unauthorized party entering the storage facility. Security and maintenance of the system reduces the chance of tampering or hacking the codes. PTI delivers convenient access with EasyCode. This touch interface is easy to use and makes opening assigned self storage facility doors and gates simple. Customers add the EasyCode app from Google Play or the App Store to the Android (version 4.0 or higher), iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone (IOS 7.0 or higher) and apply for an EasyCode account. The manager of the storage facility provides a Site Key and access code needed to establish the account. GeoFencing enhances the security system by showing quick access buttons on the customer’s home screen as they near or arrive at the facility. A tap on the right button sends the access request. Options include notice if the alarm is set off or the unit door opened without authorization. The system is more secure by enabling the in-app password lock. The app only opens when the correct password is entered. Get peace of mind with these safety benefits in Melbourne Florida. Verify the self-storage facility being considered has a PTI security system compatible with this code feature, which works with StorLogix Sync and a StorLogix™  XT 5.0 and higher system.[/learn_more] Picture 4

 Sentinel Access Control and Alarms

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Sentinel Systems operate in conjunction with keypads, card readers, and alarm system multiplexers to give you maximum access control over your facility.
Real time display of events, makes running your security system from a modern PC Multiple access passcodes for each unit easy. View real-time gate & door activity on your screen. Capable of supporting 32 individual keypads and easily converts passcodes & unit numbers to your PC based system.[/one_half_last]
Now, Sentinel Systems have more security features than ever before! WinSen, the 1st Windows-based Self Storage Security system is available in the Melbourne, Port St. Lucie, and Treasure Coast.