commercial automatic doors We offer automatic commercial doors and control systems including commercial security sales, installation, service, and maintenance contracts.

Quality Automatic Commercial Doors, New or Retrofit

Both low energy and high energy automatic openers, swinging or sliding. We service Besam automatic entrance systems, NABCO, Record (KM systems), Horton Automatics and Stanley Access Technologies doors.

We are Certified by AAADM (American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers), for your yearly safety inspections on all automatic doors. We are in the business of automatic doors and gates, security systems Camera systems, access control and integration. All our doors will pass the ADA (American Disabilities Act) and the NFPA (National Fire Protection Act) guidelines.

See all of our different door applications including non-automatic doors in our commercial door section. Acoustical doors (sound proof doors), blast doors, high impact traffic doors, vault and fire labeled doors.

Handicap Automatic Doors

[learn_more caption=”Read More”] Many of the low-energy operators do not require the use of sensors. These may be used in a variety of ways for handicapped entrances as well as for no hands access. Once you make a door into a automatic door (when you walk up the door automatically opens for you without pushing a button), then you must use all the same safety sensors, that you would use on a high energy automatic door. But the most commonly they are used for handicap access, because of the reduced expense. The low energy operator known as a LEO, is the most economical way to turn a standard door into an automatic swinging door. This is good for slow traffic areas especially if the door can be used for one way traffic, but not recommended for busy areas. Also it should not be used in areas that have extreme weather conditions and you need to control the environment. For these applications we recommend the automatic sliding doors for their speed.[/learn_more]

Pedestrian Automatic Doors

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High energy automatic doors require multiple sensors not only for opening the doors but also for keeping them from closing on pedestrians (which is the most important part). But these doors are the best for most of your busy department and grocery stores, not to mention it is used in a variety of office buildings. It is important to choose the right door for your needs the first time. Traffic flow and space requirements are among the major considerations. The other should be maintenance costs you will incur on the back side of the installation. If you are interested in a product that will reduce the amount of expense at this time you will pay a little more up front but it will even out in no time.

There are three different styles:

Automatic Swinging Doors usually require hand rails to guide the pedestrians away from hazardous areas. These doors used to be the most popular in production, but in the Florida area there are few new ones being installed. One big reason is the amount of doors required for the traffic flow is higher then automatic sliding doors, which can be used for two way traffic. Another reason for the increase in popularity is the increased safety and efficiency, that has been developed in recent years.

Automatic Sliding Doors usually do not require any handrails be installed for safety. And they use can be used easily for both directions, instead of multiple doors for incoming traffic and multiple doors for outgoing traffic. You can have a door function as an in door, out door or both ways. Therefore it is one of the most popular automatic doors in the industry today. They normally have a breakout design to protect the tenants and the customers, in case of fire or other life threatening hazard. These regulations are created to satisfy the NFPA (National Fire Protection Act) standards.

Automatic Folding Doors never took on much popularity in this area but you can still find a few of them around. These had to have a guard rail but a much shorter one. Sometimes automatic folding doors were able to be put into an area that did not have enough room for it either the automatic sliding door or the automatic swinging door.[/learn_more]

New Installations

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For new installations we recommend the NABCO or Record Automatic Door systems because of their long term benefits. The owner will save money in the long run, between less service calls and less down time for the automatic door system. For installation of any of these products you may contact us by email for a free quote.[/learn_more]

Safety Standards

[learn_more caption=”Read More”]Safety standards are written by a Consortium of door manufacturers also known as the AAADM (American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers). These standards are referred to as the ANSI A156.10 – 2005 these manufacturers set the standards for ANSI ( American National standards Institute) these standards help keep the latest usable technology get incorporated universally into the automatic door industry. These Standards are very important because they help to facilitate the NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency) standards and the ADA ( American Disabilities Act) standards into the manufacturing, upkeep and repair of automatic door products.

The ANSI safety standards are explicit in saying that you should not have to exert more than 30 pounds pressure (50 pounds if it’s a breakaway) to start the door moving, more than 15 pounds of pressure to continue its movement, nor more than 15 pounds to operate any latching mechanism. Also there are many provisions for closing forces, sensor provisions, signage and guide rails. For more information on these regulations and additional construction services visit us at